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Everyone is just about ready to put a bow on Carl Banks’ tenure as a weekly WFAN guest, but not before Boomer Esiason gets to weigh in.

Wednesday afternoon, during what was supposed to be Banks’ weekly spot on WFAN, host Sal Licata announced the former New York Giants linebacker decided to end the segment in the wake of last week’s tense exchange over Kayvon Thibodeaux. While Banks “resigned” from his paid weekly segment with Licata and Brandon Tierney, he will continue to be the lead analyst on Giants radio broadcasts, which air on WFAN.

Thursday morning, Gregg Giannotti went on a borderline unhinged rant over the whole situation, brutally mocking the weekly interviews Banks had contributed to WFAN for well over a decade. Unfortunately, Giannotti’s co-host Boomer Esiason wasn’t there to hear it or partake. And Esiason should have the opportunity to weigh in. Because like Banks, Esiason has long contributed to radio’s over-reliance on conducting boring interviews with current and former athletes.

“They’re still fighting?” Esiason asked Friday morning about the feuding trio of Licata, Tierney, and Banks. “I thought they called him and made amends. They called him and made amends and they apologized to him, and supposedly, he accepted the apology.”

Giannotti explained that hours after Banks informed WFAN of his decision to end his weekly spots, former New York Daily News columnist Gary Myers tweeted that the Giants legend “resigned” from the segment, citing that he was “completely disrespected” by the hosts.

“They called him and apologized and spoke to him,” Esiason said, seemingly confused by the ongoing feud. “Both of them, man to man, like men should do. Men should do that! Men don’t go out and tattle and put crap on the internet like he was ‘disrespected.’ Then Carl should have told them that!”

The 6-foot-5 flannel-wearing former NFL MVP Boomer Esiason is certainly a man’s man, even if he eats his steak well done and drinks his coffee with almond milk. And while Esiason wasn’t nearly as maddened as Giannotti about the situation, preaching how a man “should” act to a two-time Super Bowl champion linebacker seems like a reach.

“I think Carl will be happy,” Esiason said about Banks exiting his weekly WFAN segment. “He’s probably pretty happy he doesn’t have to do it now…it’s a pain in the ass.”


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