Arash Markazi left ESPN for the Los Angeles Times in early 2019, but his stint in newspaper journalism didn’t last long.

After an investigation into Markazi’s practices, which included lifting from press releases, Markazi announced in August that he was resigning his position at the Times. The fallout there included the editor who hired Markazi being reassigned (although that wasn’t the only issue there.)

Still, Markazi is certainly well-connected in the world of sports and sports media, and he’s now getting another platform: a daily radio show on San Diego’s 1090 The Mighter AM, which relaunched this summer after being off the air for 18 months. Markazi announced the news on Twitter last night:

Markazi also announced a daily newsletter/column:

Essentially, this sounds like Markazi is doing a daily one-hour podcast, just live on air, which will the be released digitally in traditional podcast form. (Radio shows becoming podcasts and vice versa is really becoming an endless, tail-chasing circle.) “Pivoting to a podcast and newsletter” isn’t exactly a new tactic for people in media looking for a new gig, but at least in Markazi’s case, it’s a move that seems like a much better fit.

Being able to bring on various sports personalities to talk about events while promoting whatever they want (the backbone of nightly TV talk-shows) seems right in his wheelhouse, while he also has all of SoCal sports to talk about as well. It should be pretty easy to fill a daily hour. 1090, meanwhile, gets another local hour of content as they continue to return to form.

Markazi’s jumping right into it, with his first show today at 12 PM Pacific.

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