In what sounds like the most random grouping ever, a new romantic comedy will reportedly be made for Amazon Studios that’s set in the NASCAR world and will have the cooperation of the racing series, Will Smith, and The Chainsmokers.

According to Deadline, the romantic comedy titled Clean Air will involve Smith’s Westbrook Studios and The Chainsmokers’ Kick The Habit Productions to produce the film with NASCAR. Alison Rose Greenberg, who is a writer on the TV series Younger is writing the screenplay.

The plot will reportedly be about a sports agent within the NASCAR world who loses a top star as a client and takes a chance on a female dirt track racer trying to break into the sport.

The film follows Lyla, an ambitious sports agent who loses her superstar client before the start of NASCAR’s season and decides to take a chance on a rebellious female dirt track racer, seventeen-year-old Piper Kyte. With her career on the line, Lyla’s challenge—getting Piper NASCAR-ready—is only won if she can also reform Piper’s reclusive father, Matthew Kyte, a former NASCAR champion who infamously walked away from the sport and hasn’t been seen in four years.

Admittedly, romantic comedies aren’t my thing and I’m sure a bunch of NASCAR fans are going to roll their eyes about the film but if this gets eyeballs onto NASCAR who normally wouldn’t be watching a race on a Sunday afternoon and it turns some of those people into fans, then you could say it’s a success for NASCAR. It’s not exactly a NASCAR version of Drive to Survive but it’ll have to do for now.


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