Rich Strike's 2022 Kentucky Derby win. Jockey Sonny Leon rode Rich Strike to win the 148th Kentucky Derby at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Ky. on May 7, 2022. Derby01 Sam

Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions company is foraying into a new genre. Sports Business Journal published a Friday report that Manning’s film company will tackle the epic world of horse racing. In particular, the racehorse Rich Strike shocked the world last year when it won the Kentucky Derby as a historical longshot.

Rich Strike won the Derby despite being the second-biggest longshot in history to win the first leg of horse racing’s Triple Crown. Now, Strike and its trainer Eric Reed are getting their story told by Manning and his film company.

“Though he didn’t attend last year’s Derby, Manning watched it, as he does every year. Despite the improbable odds Rich Strike overcame to win … Manning did not immediately consider the possibility that the racehorse’s story was perfect fodder for an Omaha Productions project,” SBJ wrote.

Reed’s story will be fascinating if the report by SBJ is any indication. Manning told the publication, “At Omaha, we talk about using content to unify, uplift, and celebrate hard work and community. I’m not sure there’s a better example of that than Eric Reed and his family and having this impossible dream come true.”

No date for the launch of the documentary, or even production, was specified in the report. Nevertheless, the Rich Strike tale could be quite the tale to tell.


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