A collage of NASCAR brawl photos from Davey Segal and Bob Pockrass. A collage of NASCAR brawl photos from Davey Segal and Bob Pockrass on X/Twitter.

One of the old adages in journalism is “Don’t become the story.” Well, several NASCAR journalists wound up very much in the middle of a story Sunday, but thanks to a situation well out of their control.

That came from Ricky Stenhouse Jr., who was clipped by Kyle Busch on the second lap and had his race end early. Stenhouse then came up to Busch afterward amidst Fox’s interview with race winner Joey Logano and threw a punch. That led to a brawl that also involved both Busch’s and Stenhouse’s pit crews. And that led to several journalists being caught in the middle, including SiriusXM NASCAR Radio host Davey Segal:

Fox’s Bob Pockrass, who previously got a quote from Stenhouse that he’d “handle it after the race,” asked how and received a “You just watch” reply, was also in the middle of this. He put out a bunch of tweets on that:

And, as Pockrass’ Fox colleague Kaitlyn Vincie noted, Pockrass set a wide shot of all the media involved as his new X/Twitter profile header:

Here’s that, for reference:

Bob Pockrass' header photo after a NASCAR fight.
Bob Pockrass’ header photo after a NASCAR fight.

It’s still not clear all that will come of this fight. But it certainly led to a wild moment for many NASCAR media.

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