November is fast approaching, and a sense of eager anticipation fills the entire Australian nation. ‘Cup Week,’ as it’s referred to, is coming up. One of the most exciting events in this 8-day long event is the Melbourne Cup race.

While horse racing may be the main event of this day, other side events also take place, which adds to the thrill of the day. In this article, you’ll learn more about not just horse racing but also the additional elements that make this day so unique.

  1. Global fame

The Melbourne Cup race is, undoubtedly, one of the most memorable occasions for most Australians and other horse enthusiasts across the globe. This prominent thoroughbred horse race takes place on the first Tuesday of November at the Flemington Racecourse in Victoria. This year’s event will take place on the 2nd of November at 3.00 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) and will be the 7th horse racing contest of the day.

This year will mark the 161st running of the Melbourne Cup. More than one hundred thousand fans are expected to gather on the track to witness this exciting event unfold. Additionally, millions back at home also await to join the fan base. Evidently, this isn’t just an Australian event—it transcends beyond international borders.

  1. Humongous betting turnover

In 2019, Australians wagered more than AUD$100 million at various Tabcorp outlets, one of the largest online bookies in the country. And, that figure doesn’t include the amounts wagered at other smaller betting firms. Due to the prestigious nature of the event, many fans want to be affiliated with it. 

Furthermore, the prize money, especially for the bettors, is super attractive. If you’re into betting, you’d want to check out these Melbourne Cup Tips at Punters to increase your chances of winning. (2)

  1. It’s one of the richest horse-race events globally

According to The Sun, the Melbourne Cup ranked at the 6th position with a worth of AUD$7.6 million and a winner’s prize of AUD$4.29 million in 2020. Considering there are other big races out there, coming out 6th isn’t an easy task. (3)

Furthermore, the Melbourne Cup is considered the richest two-mile horse race contest in the world. This year will be even more exciting as the prize money has risen to AUD$ 8 million for the winner. Additionally, every contestant between the first to the 12th to finish the race will receive some handsome prize money.

  1. It stops the nation

The whole Australian country gears up for the day. Most businesses and schools close during the event to witness it, whether live or virtually. In fact, the day is considered a public holiday within the metropolitan areas of Melbourne and some parts of Victoria. You’d want to watch the videos herein for a preview of how the day goes down.

  1. It’s not the only race for the day

Nine other horse races will take place throughout the day, with varying race spans and prize amounts. They’re as follows:

  • Maribyrnong Plate (1,000m)
  • Desirable Stakes (1,400m)
  • Super Vobis 3-Y-O Plate (1,000m)
  • The Macca’s Run (2,800m)
  • Tab Trophy Stakes (1,800m)
  • Grinders Coffee Rosters Trophy (1,400m)
  • Melbourne Cup Day Plate (Furphy Plate (1,800m)
  • Hong Kong Jockey Club Stakes (1,400m)
  • MSS Security Sprint (1,200m) 


  1. Fashion 

The Melbourne Cup carnival also hosts a special day, ‘The Crown Oaks day.’ Men and women show up at Flemington all dressed to kill. Prizes are awarded for the best man and woman, and celebrities from Australia and the world at large come to be seen in their fashion statements.

This year, however, things may turn out to be a little different, as the Cup Week fashion will be held virtually with Myer Fashions on your front lawn. Regardless of the platform of showcasing your fashion, do embrace the thrill of dressing up and flaunt your sense of fashion.

  1. Dining

Selections of food and beverages are put on display for sale. Flemington racecourse has gone through renovations worth around AUD$ 128 million with new dining facilities, an indication of the great anticipation preceding the event. The event will be a good opportunity for restaurant industry professionals to market and sell their cuisines. (5)

  1. Entertainment

One feature that makes horse racing a really interesting activity is the entertainment that comes with it. It’s no wonder there are many films based on this subject matter. 

For the Melbourne Cup, the ‘Emirates Stakes day’ is the entertainment day. Families show up for the variety of fun-filled activities that the day offers, and kids engage in a variety of children’s activities.


The Melbourne Cup is a much-anticipated annual event. If you’re in Australia or anywhere in the world, make sure to join in the fun. It’s clear that it’s not just about horse racing but much more. It’s a great opportunity to show your sense of fashion if this is part of your interests. If you’re a restaurant owner, or you just want to try out some new menus, head out to Flemington. And, of course, if horse racing is what elates your spirit, go cheer your favorites. All in all, these and more other reasons exist that could make this event a special one for you.