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It can be stressful to lose your mobile phone. For many, everything is on their phone so if you lose that, you can’t function.

Michael Waltrip, who is in the Fox booth for this weekend’s NASCAR race near St. Louis, lost his iPhone before the race started. Luckily for Waltrip, a lengthy lightning delay gave people time to look for his phone and he got his phone back by the time the race resumed.

After Waltrip realized he lost his phone in between being on the track and walking up the stands into the booth, Mike Joy put out a call over the PA system for fans to look for a “purple iPhone” in between sections 32 and 33 of the Worldwide Technology Raceway stands.

It turned out, one of Fox’s cameras caught the moment Waltrip lost his phone, as well as his notes. As he climbed over the pit wall and onto the track, Waltrip’s phone fell out and landed next to the wall on the frontstretch. Since there was a rain delay, the AMR Safety Team could recover phones instead of drivers, picked up Waltrip’s phone and it was returned to its rightful owner.

Delays stink during sporting events, but you can never tell what is going to happen when a broadcast has to fill time. Thankfully, the people at Gateway solved “The Case of the Missing iPhone.”

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