A.J. Allmendinger at the Rolex 24.

Race car drivers thanking their sponsors is a long-established tradition, one even famously parodied on Talledega Nights, but perhaps A.J. Allmendinger is still stuck in analyst mode. Allmendinger joined NBC as a motorsports analyst in December, but is serving as both a broadcaster and a driver in this weekend’s Rolex 24 at Daytona, and he did very well in his stint behind the wheel, getting his team into first place. However, in the post-race interview, he didn’t even remember that he was driving an Acura:

Given the impressive on-track results, though, his team was fine with it:

But that’s still definitely funny. And it shows that there are some important skills for drivers beyond just, you know, driving.

[Motorsports NBC on Twitter]

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