A few weeks ago, Wheel of Fortune went viral thanks to a clip showing contestants tripping all over themselves up six flights of stairs.

That sequence of events might never be topped. The one contestant who actually seems to know the answer being continually foiled by unlucky spins of the wheel while the other two whiff in spectacular fashion makes it the quintessential example.

Even if that clip will perhaps never be surpassed, it doesn’t mean new contestants aren’t still managing trying to find their own spin (sorry) on failing. Here’s another example:

A lot happens quickly there, but from the start it’s important to note how perfect the category synergy is. It might as well be a prompt for viewers to yell “What are you doing?” at their screens. Then, the first contestant guesses “Renting a paddle boat” despite that clearly not being correct thanks to both the number of letters in “paddle”, the “a” already having been bought and in the wrong place.

Seann, to his credit, does seem to know the answer, but not how to pronounce it. On Wheel of Fortune that’s a big deal, and for words with a schwa vowel sound it can lead to some unfortunate missteps or questionable interpretations. His first attempt pretty clearly sounds like “paddle” again, though.

Michele is then offered the chance to spin or solve, with just one letter remaining on the board, and offers just a fantastic “Hmm…” before spinning and guessing “M”. You know, renting one of those pedam boats. Crystal, at this point, was almost certainly hoping that Michele would have gotten it correct, because she offers one of the most heartbreakingly sheepish responses to Pat Sajak you’ll ever here:

“I have to spin.”

She almost goes bankrupt, which may have kicked this clip into the same realm as the original failure video, but having avoided that she guesses “W”. You know, renting one of those pedaw boats.

Seann, then, does solve, though he comes pretty close to saying “paddle” again. Perhaps the judges just decided to end this one before things got too far out of hand.

(Also, how the hell had no one guessed “L”? You’re on Wheel of Fortune! There’s a reason they give you R, S, T, L, N, and E in the final round. Those should be among the first letters guessed for every puzzle! Had no one watched the show?)

March of 2022 has so far been a great reminder that there are fewer things more reliably entertaining than game show contestants not getting very basic things correct.

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