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Stephen A. Smith will give credit where it’s due to pop music sensation Taylor Swift.

This week, the mega-star Swift dropped her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department, a double album that Swifties have enjoyed all week.

To no one’s surprise, the album is already charting and charting high. The album has received rave reviews and featured a very revealing Swift in many ways.

Smith hopped on his The Stephen A. Smith Show podcast to praise the entertainer after her album release this week.

“Swifties woke up with a lot to be excited about,” Smith said. “I’m sure my daughters have already listened to it about ten times.”

He spoke highly of Swift, saying the concert of hers that he attended was “off the chain.” After he paused to note his befuddlement with Swift apparently picking a fight with celebrity Kim Kardashian, he praised the two ladies for both “doing their thing.”

Smith later hyped Swift up and discussed her and Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce’s relationship and how happy they both are. The ESPN sports personality also noted that Swift alluded to being a functional alcoholic on the album. He wished her the best and stressed that he was glad she was okay.

“We gotta stop hating on this girl,” Smith said. “She’s earned it. She really has. She’s a brilliant artist. She’s very, very talented. It’s just that simple. Regardless of what trials and tribulations she’s had to endure, she’s overcome it. And now, she’s made a dang-near billion dollars for herself and made about six billion dollars on tour from last year. I’m telling you, I went to her concert twice. She’s off the chain.

“Taylor Swift’s the real deal,” Smith said. Indeed, Stephen A. While Stephen A. isn’t quite a Swiftie, but rather a full-fledged Beyonce fan (from his comments throughout), it is notable to see him praising Swift this way.

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