I've Got A Secret

Ever since we learned that Katie Nolan would not be part of Apple TV+’s MLB booth in 2023, there’s been lots of speculation about what might be next for the former ESPN talent.

It appears that Nolan will be trying her hand at the world of game shows, appearing in a pilot for a reimagining of a classic panel game show.

According to Broadway World, Embassy Row, Werner Entertainment and Game Show Enterprises Studios have produced a pilot for the game show I’ve Got a Secret that was hosted by Nolan. The show now awaits word on whether or not it will get picked up by a network.

The original version of I’ve Got a Secret ran from 1952 to 1967 and has been revived several times, most recently in 2006 by GSN.

This “reimagined” version of the guessing game breaks the program into a part game show and part comedic talk show. Nolan will be flanked by four celebrity panelists who attempt to figure out a contestant’s “secret,” which is actually a pop culture fact. Nolan’s role as host will be to monitor the panelists as they get closer to solving the secrets and acting as a referee when needed.

I’ve Got a Secret is a foundational format in the history of game shows. To get to reinvent it with a young host of such immense talent as Katie Nolan, and to populate the studio with such a desirable panel of comics is a testament to its natural and modern appeal,” Michael Davies, Embassy Row founder.

[Broadway World, Image: Embassy Row/GSN/Werner Entertainment]

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