When I saw the first Hunger Games movie, the thing that disturbed me the most, outside the obvious concept of placing a bunch of kids in a death arena, were the outfits worn by the announcers of the games and the citizens in The Capitol.

The outfits are not easy on the eyes. Also, they don’t even look comfortable!

Despite the fact that the outfits and people wearing them were almost all terrible, former Olympic figure skater and current NBC Olympics announcer Johnny Weir is trying to pay homage to them.


“I think (the talk is) hilarious,” Weir told Liam McHugh on an NBC Olympics broadcast. “Going into Sochi (in 2014), Cesar Flickerman was kind of my muse in preparing and getting ready. Except I can’t laugh like he did in the movie. Now people are finally getting it. Only took them four years.”

Cesar Flickerman is the announcer in The Hunger Games movies played by Stanley Tucci. As for the talk Weir is referring to, that’s almost definitely the tweets and remarks made by people watching Weir around the world. Just look up ‘Johnny Weir Hunger Games‘ on Twitter.

The talk has also gotten so popular it has reached the Instagram feed of Weir’s broadcast partner, Tara Lipinski.

I already liked the figure skating duo on-air, but now I like them even more for embracing the joke and rolling with it.

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