Tracy Morgan on Late Night with Seth Myers Tracy Morgan on Late Night with Seth Myers in 2021. (Late Night With Seth Meyers on YouTube.)

Adam Sandler, Bill Burr, Tracy Morgan and Jim Gray are on a podcast together. Which one doesn’t belong?

The trio of comedians joined Gray and Tom Brady on the latest episode of their Let’s Go! podcast for SiriusXM. Naturally, it became harder for Gray to control the tempo of the podcast the way he does when he’s co-hosting with just Brady.

There were a couple of awkward moments for Gray as he attempted to interject himself during the conversation, specifically when he tried to mock Burr’s NFL betting prowess and also when he interrupted a discussion about Richard Pryor to ask about Jack Nicholson. But in a podcast featuring Sandler, Burr, Morgan and Brady, it was Gray who surprisingly shined with his impeccable timing.

During the podcast, Burr talked about opening for Morgan (seen above on Late Night With Seth Meyers last year) and being in awe of the comedian’s ability to get laughs by grossing out the audience.

“He said something that grossed the crowd out and then he doubled down on it,” Burr recalled. “He goes, ‘I’m old, I eat toes and bootyholes.’ And that was before eating ass was mainstream so the whole crowd pulled back. And then he looks at the crowd and goes, ‘You eat the motherfucker.’”

“That’s all I do!” Morgan yelled in the background.

So what does Jim Gray do when iconic comedians are talking about eating booty and it’s time for a commercial break?

“Well Tracy, we’re gonna get you a much better meal,” Gray interjected. “Hey Tracy, for tender and flavorful in every bite, we’re gonna send you to Morton’s The Steakhouse…and let me tell you something, your meal’s gonna be a heck of a lot better than what you guys were just talking about.”

Epic. While most podcast hosts roll through their commercial reads as if they’re a chore, Morton’s should send Gray a thank you note.

Mike Greenberg is often touted as the best radio host in terms of his ability to tease and transition from one topic to another. But Gray reminded everyone he’s more than just a shill for Tom Brady by putting on an absolute master class for radio segues Monday night, beautifully transitioning from booty to a more family friendly meal.

[SiriusXM’s Let’s Go Podcast; image from Late Night With Seth Meyers on YouTube]

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