Dancing With The Stars is in its 30th season (it debuted in 2005), and as a reality competition program that relies at least somewhat on physical gifts, there’s a long history of athletes or former athletes dominating.

NFL players (Hines Ward, Donald Driver), gymnasts (Shawn Johnson, Laurie Hernandez), and many others have taken home first place in their respective seasons, and this year might end up no exception. But regardless of who ends up on top at the end of the series, we’ll always have last night’s horror-themed performance from former NBA wing Iman Shumpert, who along with partner Daniella Karagach absolutely nailed a contemporary dance.

Channeling Jordan Peele’sΒ Us, the pair offered a suitably creepy take:


Considering Shumpert’s scores this year haven’t been on the high end (though he’s never landed in the bottom two), landing a perfect 40/40 is a hell of an achievement. It’d be silly for me to sit here and pretend I know how to analyze dancing. That said, using Shumpert’s size and strength as a base for a lot of cool stuff just looks awesome. The skittering, stop-start movements were on the mark as well.

Obviously plenty of people in the sports/NBA world reacted with raves, including Shumpert’s former teammate LeBron James:

Congratulations to Shumpert and Karagach, and good luck to them next week. (Which is Queen-themed, if you’re wondering.)

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