Erin Andrews gives the weather with Al Roker Photo credit: NBC

Erin Andrews has already enjoyed a few dream jobs in her career, working for ESPN, Fox Sports and Dancing With the Stars, but Tuesday morning she was able to live out one more, doing the weather alongside Al Roker.

Monday night, Andrews appeared on Late Night with Seth Meyers. During her appearance, she told Meyers that if she wasn’t working as a sideline reporter for Fox Sports, she would love to be a weather person.

“I would love to work for the Weather Channel, or Fox Weather,” Andrews said after quickly remembering her allegiance to Fox. “I love miles per hour wind gusts.”

Who doesn’t?!

Tuesday morning, Andrews was on NBC’s Today and the show caught wind of Andrews interest in the weather, specifically her affinity for miles per hour wind gusts. Recognizing there was an opportunity to make Andrews’ dream come true, Today sent her over to give a weather report with the iconic Al Roker.

“Can you do us a favor?” Hoda Kotb asked Andrews. “Al’s doing the weather, he needs your assistance.”

Andrews jumped up with excitement, let out a bit of a squeal and eagerly marched over to assist Roker with his weather report. Unfortunately, Andrews did not get to report on any wind gusts, mostly focusing on the temperatures around the country instead.

“You are my Taylor Swift,” Andrews said as she attempted to describe her fandom of Roker. “I am freaking out.”

Andrews then proceeded to do what everyone does when they’re overcome with excitement, she serenaded Roker with some Taylor Swift. “Karma is my boyfriend,” Andrews sang. “Al Roker is my boyfriend.”

“Whoa!” Roker said with surprise, perhaps a little embarrassed by the legitimacy and level of Andrews’ fandom. “You heard it here first.”

It’s hard to tell whether Andrews was more excited about getting to give a weather report on live television, or if it was getting to give a weather report alongside Al Roker that really put this moment over the top. Two dreams in one morning, that’s a heckuva day. Talking about miles per hour wind gusts, however, will just have to wait.


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