The Raptors handled the Hornets tonight in Toronto, 126-113. Kyle Lowry played a fantastic game, finishing with 36 points, 6 assists, and 5 rebounds, but his performance was slightly overshadowed by a certain Toronto superfan sitting in on Sportsnet commentary.

Drake’s a front-row staple at the Air Canada Centre, and tonight he moved a bit closer to the broadcast desk to sit in with the Sportsnet crew.

He spent a decent amount of time on the air as well. Here’s Drake mocking Jeremy Lamb’s leg tat:

Drake even hit his notes for some statistical analysis:

After the Raptors wrapped up the contest, he was even called in to handle the postgame interview with Lowry:

That’s the first time Drake betrayed his actual profession; he’s obviously not used to holding the microphone anywhere other than in front of his own face.

But hey! Not bad Drake! He really is a man of many talents.


(Editor’s Note: Originally the network was identifed as TSN, but it’s actually Sportsnet. We regret the error, and appreciate the very polite Canadian corrections we received on Twitter.)

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