Colin Cowherd supports the WGA

Colin Cowherd knows the value of having good writers, which is why he says Hollywood should pony up and pay them.

With rallies, picket lines and demonstrations throughout Los Angeles amid the Writers Guild of America strike, Colin Cowherd weighed in on the labor dispute during his Thursday afternoon Fox Sports Radio show. For Cowherd, it’s simple, “It doesn’t matter who the actors are – if the writing is crap, it’s a bad show.”

“Writers make all this stuff,” Cowherd claimed. “If it’s not about the writers, then why did Marlon Brando have ten bombs? Why does Tom Hanks have bad movies? Why do stars have bad movies? Because the script sucks. You can take no name actors, Stranger Things had a bunch of kids, the writing was great. They were using eight-year-olds! If the writing is good, the show is good. If the acting is great, it’s because the writing is good. I’ve seen Bob De Niro in bad movies, he’s not a bad actor, he got a bad script. Pay the writers!”

“Pay the writers” is always a mantra that I can get behind. While I agree with Cowherd’s overall point, the WGA is advocating for the bad writers to get paid too, the same ones who were behind some of Bob De Niro’s duds. And in the same vein that great actors have made bad movies, great writers have crafted bad scripts on occasion.

Cowherd likely has added appreciation for having good writers because his show relies on them. Not WGA writers, but Cowherd’s radio show features its own writers, which is why it’s built more on crafted takes and analogies than it is banter, debate and outrage.

The WGA’s labor dispute with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers began on May 2 and is their largest strike since 2007-08, a work stoppage that lasted 3 months and 8 days.

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