Shaquille O'Neal roasted by Charles Barkley Photo credit: Inside the NBA

Shaquille O’Neal may have escaped the wrath of Katt Williams during his Shannon Sharpe podcast appearance, but Charles Barkley is looking to change that.

Barkley and Shaq were arguing about qualities of a championship team Thursday night on Inside the NBA when the latter attempted to bring Kenny Smith to his side of the debate.

“Kenny ain’t gonna agree with your dumbass!” Barkley quickly fired back at O’Neal.

“Dumbass got four,” O’Neal said, referencing his four NBA championships to Barkley’s none. “How many you got?”

Recognizing he was pinned in a corner with no rings to boast about, Barkley went below the belt. “Riding on Kobe’s and Dwyane Wade’s coattails!” Barkley said, implying Shaq wasn’t the alpha on any of his four championship teams.

“Don’t make me call Katt Williams on your ass!” Barkley continued to rail against O’Neal. “Katt, get him!”

After he scorched the earth for three hours on Club Shay Shay earlier this week, no one wants Katt Williams on their ass right now. During the bombshell interview with Sharpe, Williams targeted Kevin Hart, Kim Kardashian, Joe Rogan, Chris Tucker and Cedric The Entertainer, to name a few.

Thankfully for O’Neal, he wasn’t targeted by Katt during his chat with Sharpe, but the four-time NBA champion was previously put on blast by the ruthless comedian. About a decade ago, Williams was asked to name the funniest athlete. Williams wouldn’t say who the funniest athlete was, but he would say who wasn’t funny. Shaq.

“Get outta here, you bum!” Williams ranted, blasting O’Neal for having the gall to present All Star Comedy Jam despite the fact that he was and is not a comedian.

Shaq has teamed up with Cedric The Entertainer for All Star Comedy Jam, Shaq is also friendly with Kevin Hart, two comedians who took it on the chin this week from Williams. So while O’Neal wasn’t directly victimized on Club Shay Shay, he wasn’t too far removed from Katt’s wrath.

It was a truly impressive display by Barkley, who was able to spin having no championship rings into a savage roast of O’Neal.

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