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There’s an urban legend about Bill Murray that the comedian has a habit of seeking out odd interactions with strangers and telling them, “they’ll never believe you.”

In some instances, he has allegedly stolen French fries. In others, he is alleged to have tackled bystanders.

CBS’ Bill Raftery, however, need not worry about whether anyone believes him or not. When it comes to his own interaction with the Ghostbusters star, he has photographic proof.

During the broadcast of the NCAA Tournament second-round matchup between UConn and Northwestern in Brooklyn on Sunday, the CBS crew discussed Murray, who was in attendance watching his son, Luke Murray, serve as an assistant coach for the Huskies. While doing so, Raftery revealed he had dinner with Murray the night prior, proudly displaying a picture that the two Bills took together.

“Billy Murray. Bill Raftery. You want to talk about a Rushmore — this is a Mt. Rushmore, but Rushmore was a fine film that Bill Murray was in,” Ian Eagle said. “If we get, like, Bill Bradley. We get all the Bills…”

“Well we were thinking of doing Ghostbusters 3,” joked Raftery.

“You’re playing the ghost? Or what are you playing?” Eagle responded.

After Grant Hill questioned why he and Eagle weren’t invited to join the party, Eagle noted, “I think we got the invite. We just didn’t realize that Bill Murray was going to show up. We would have gone.”

“Now did you pick up the bill?” Hill asked.

“One Bill did — and it wasn’t this Bill,” Raftery replied.

With UConn advancing to the Sweet 16, who’s to say these meeting of the Bills won’t become a regular occurrence? And considering that Boston’s TD Garden is hosting the East Region’s Sweet 16 and Elite Eight matchups this weekend, perhaps Bill Simmons and Bill Belichick can round out the rest of the party.

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