Rich Eisen glam metal

Fantasy football bets can produce plenty of funny outcomes, and Rich Eisen delivered one of the best on his show Friday. As a result of losing a fantasy football championship to Alice In Chains lead guitarist Jerry Cantrell, Eisen let Cantrell dress him, and the results were remarkable:

Eisen even walked around the AT&T building where his show’s filmed in this outfit:

And he then interviewed Cantrell on the show:

As Cantrell relates, this outfit actually mostly belongs to “Lexxi Foxx” (Travis Haley), the bassist of glam metal/comedy rock band Steel Panther. It definitely suits Eisen pretty well, though! The bracelets are Cantrell’s too, as are his dangling backstage passes. It’s a pretty good get-up, and Eisen deserves plenty of credit for fulfilling the bet and sticking with the gag this long. It’s also nice that Eisen’s callers stuck up for him on this one. And hey, you never know, maybe he’ll wind up going to this look more often! Can we have him run a 40 in it?

The Rich Eisen Show airs weekdays at noon Eastern on AT&T’s Audience Sports.

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