If you were thinking that the idea of “permanent “Jeopardy!” host Aaron Rodgers” seems crazy, you might want to think again. Or at least, get used to seeing the (for now) Green Bay Packers quarterback back in the role on a May 12 episode of ABC’s “The Conners.”

Saturday, ABC released a promo for the two-episode season finale of the show, which features Darlene (Sara Gilbert) and Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) as contestants on “Jeopardy!,” which is hosted by recent guest-host Aaron Rodgers.

It’s unclear if the scene is a dream sequence of some kind or if the Conners actually do end up on “Jeopardy!” But based on the scores we see, it doesn’t look like Jackie will be walking away as the winner.

It might all be one big coincidence but the timing of Rodger’s appearance continues to add fuel to the fire surrounding his now-public feud with the Packers over his future. Rodgers had already completed his stint as “Jeopardy!” guest host when Adam Schefter dropped a bombshell on the day of the NFL Draft that he was considering not returning to Green Bay. Schefter recently explained that his scoop was based on an “accumulation of information” but that didn’t stop many from presuming that Rodgers’ camp leaked the story.

Since then, the Rodgers-Packers saga has been the No. 1 story in NFL circles and, coincidentally or not, Rodgers is in the midst of a round of public appearances that hint at a desire to move on to the world of entertainment, or at least raise his profile outside of football.

Rodgers made waves with an appearance at the Kentucky Derby where he expressed disappointment with the public nature of the situation. And now he’ll be back on TV screens playing a role that he has intimated he’d like to consider doing full-time.

Like so many pieces of information surrounding Rodgers and his future right now, take what you want from his role in “The Conners.” It might mean something and it might have just been fortuitous timing. We’re all just speculating for now.


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