Kevin Durant, Alex Rodriguez and Aaron Rodgers are candidates for a potential roast. Kevin Durant, Alex Rodriguez and Aaron Rodgers.

In case you somehow haven’t heard, Netflix aired The Roast of Tom Brady on Sunday night.

And while it remains to be seen how the live event performed, the amount of discussion surrounding the show both during it and in the day following it would seemingly indicate that it did massive numbers.

Even regardless of how it performed financially, the roast seemingly captured the sports and pop culture zeitgeists in a way not commonly seem. And as Netflix — and other streamers — continue to find their footing, one would imagine that it won’t be the last of its kind.

But while Brady might have been the most obvious candidate for a roast, the world of sports certainly possesses no shortage of potential guests of honor. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the five athletes, both former and current, we’d like to see roasted next.

Aaron Rodgers

Arguably no athlete has become more accustomed to being the butt of jokes in recent years than Aaron Rodgers.

Whether it’s his deceptive approach to being vaccinated immunized, his propensity for sharing conspiracy theories or his failed attempt to recover from a torn Achilles in a matter weeks, the 4-time MVP has provided plenty of fodder. And that’s to say nothing of his high profile romantic relationships, his reportedly estranged relationship with his family and him being ousted from Green Bay in favor of Jordan Love, all of which comedians would certainly have a field day with.

The only potential problem with roasting Rodgers is that it might make him think he’s in on the joke. Also, the idea of giving him an open mic in such a format might not be worth the hassle.

But in the event that a roast of Aaron Rodgers does come to fruition, our archives on him can be found here.

Kevin Durant

Much like Rodgers, the conversation surrounding Kevin Durant has often resembled a roast. Between chasing the only championship rings of his career with the Golden State Warriors, his apparent use of social media burner accounts and what seems to be a perpetual unhappiness with whatever team he’s on, there are plenty of jokes that can be made at Durant’s expense.

As the 2014 NBA MVP once said, “there’s No relax champ. No relax when I’m on Twitter. I’m on 10 until the second I close the app. You relax!!” If that how he behaves on social media, just imagine how he’d respond to being roasted in real time.

Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez has been retired for eight years, but remains one of the most prominent faces in all of baseball. But while the three-time American League MVP might have a higher Q rating as a broadcaster than he did as a player, there’s still plenty to poke fun at.

In fact, when it comes to baseball, good luck finding a player who can top Rodriguez’s potential roast resume, which includes admitted steroid use, playing in Derek Jeter’s shadow, his previous relationship with Jennifer Lopez and his failed purchase of the Minnesota Timberwolves. What’s more is that the 48-year-old has shown a willingness to poke fun at himself, which makes for the best kind of guest of honor.

LeBron James

You don’t become as famous as LeBron James has in the last two decades without becoming a target. And the four-time MVP has certainly provided plenty of fodder, as it’s not hard to imagine comedians and colleagues making jokes about his ability to predict the future, not having as many rings as Michael Jordan and that whole China controversy.

The only problem? James is so prone to controlling his message that it’s hard to imagine him lending his likeness to a production company that isn’t his own. And a roast presented by Uninterrupted surely wouldn’t be the same as one produced by Netflix.

Travis Kelce

I really thought long and hard about whether or not to include Travis Kelce on this list. While there is certainly plenty of material to work with — Catching Kelce did happen, after all — all of the good “dumb tight end” jokes were already used on Rob Gronkowski on Sunday night.

From a pure comedy standpoint, I can think of several former and current athletes I’d rather see roasted: Tiger Woods, J.J. Watt, Kyrie Irving, Charles Barkley and Tony Romo to name a few. But the reality is that if a network or streamer had its first pick, it would likely be Kelce who gets the call, as the amount of Taylor Swift content — including her potential presence at the event — would be too much to pass on.

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