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Stephen A. Smith might just believe it’s the lesser of two evils. But the prominent ESPN personality announced he is supporting Joe Biden in the upcoming presidential election.

On the latest episode of The Stephen A. Smith Show podcast, the First Take host addressed Donald Trump already alleging the 2024 presidential election will be rigged, this after years of persistent and baseless claims of widespread election fraud in the 2020 election. And while lambasting Trump for continuing to push false narratives, Smith definitively stated he is supporting Biden for reelection.

“This is why, just so y’all know, I support the opponent for Donald Trump, Joe Biden,” Smith said on the latest episode of his podcast. “Despite the fact that he’s gonna be 82 years of age and you got the Dems begging for four more years of him.

“Don’t let me get started with that. But this is why, I believe you cannot support [Trump]. Before a vote has been cast, before Election Day has arrived, he’s telling you, ‘I need you to show out in droves…because it’s rigged.’”

Despite Smith’s concern for Biden, his concern for Trump is much worse. Trump recently unveiled his “too big to rig” slogan, urging his supporters to carry him to an election victory so large that no one can take it away.

“This is my problem,” Smith continued. “Donald Trump has proven yet again why I think he is dangerous in the worst possible way. Because he can’t accept a loss.”

Smith supporting Biden in the upcoming election may have been assumed. But recently, he’s been less than complimentary of the sitting president. After Biden’s latest State of the Union Address, Smith called it an “utter disgrace” that Democrats were relying on an 82-year-old to serve a second term in the White House.

“If you think that an hour speech offsets all of that, you smoking crack,” Smith said of Biden’s ability to serve four more years.

Smith might not be confident the current President of the United States can last four more years, but he’s still more willing to give Biden that opportunity than Trump.

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