Stan Van Gundy on RFK Jr. Credit: The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz

Stan Van Gundy has never been one to shy away from political opinions, whether while working as an NBA head or as an analyst at ESPN and now TNT Sports. So of course Van Gundy had thoughts when news broke last week that NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers was a candidate for vice president on a ticket with Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Appearing on The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz last week, Van Gundy railed against RFK Jr.’s political career and detailed the politician’s fall from grace.

“This is one of the idiots who spreads misinformation about vaccinations everywhere. His entire family has disavowed him as a political candidate,” Van Gundy said. “He’s an embarrassment to an iconic political family … who all just want us to ignore this guy. This is a joke.”


While Kennedy has plenty of concerning opinions about science and public health in his own right, Van Gundy believes the Rodgers subplot is uniquely troubling.

“(Considering Rodgers) really just emphasizes what kind of a clown Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has become,” Van Gundy said. “This guy was one of the preeminent environmental lawyers in the country doing some good work, and then he went off the rails as an anti-vax guy.”

The Associated Press reported on numerous comments denying the safety and efficacy from RFK Jr. over the years, even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic. Anti-vaccine lobbying groups and political action committees have supported Kennedy’s campaign.

So while Kennedy went “off the rails” long ago according to Van Gundy, if the son of the assassinated former attorney general and presidential candidate is truly considering Rodgers as veep, he is truly a lost cause.

“Robert F. Kennedy Jr. knows damn well he’s not going to be president,” Van Gundy said. “He’s just trying to gain attention, and certainly this is a way he can get some attention, saying he’s going to get Aaron Rodgers as VP.”

The RFK Jr. campaign has been relatively quiet and unimpactful since the beginning, but Van Gundy clearly believes it signifies something larger about issues in politics and throughout the United States.

[The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz on YouTube]

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