Images of Joe Biden and Matt Canada. Images of Joe Biden in 2024 (BBC News) and Matt Canada in 2023 (Philip G. Pavely/USA Today Sports).

One particularly fun thing with the English language is how many words can have dramatically different meanings depending on context. One there is “running,” which can be both about the physical act of propelling oneself forward or about the act of seeking political office.

President Joe Biden certainly meant the latter with his comments Friday in response to this week’s discussion about if he would drop out of the presidential race ahead of November’s elections. But those were quickly jumped on by many making specific references to NFL and NCAA teams (real or video game) who have been determined to call running rather than passing plays. Here are some of those jokes:

There were also a lot of jokes about a Democratic senator’s attempt to discuss this debate in terms of the NFL and college football, especially around Wisconsin:

Of course, there are plenty of parallels between football and politics in general. And some football figures have even taken on prominent political roles. So this definitely wasn’t an unprecedented moment. But it was interesting to see so many football memes around this particular comment.

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