Dan Dakich

Dan Dakich fans and Dan Dakich critics will agree that Dan Dakich likes to be a bit of a sports media disruptor. But to what extent may come as a surprise to everyone.

Dakich was recently profiled by Barrett Sports Media, in a comprehensive interview conducted by Brian Noe. During the conversation, Noe asked Dakich about his on-air style, perceived arrogance, willingness to apologize, signing an extension with OutKick and finally, his future aspirations.

“Is there anything in particular that you’d like to experience or accomplish in the future?” Noe asked. The question could have seemingly elicited a response about a return to coaching or getting back into game analysis again. Or maybe Dakich, who frequently takes his OutKick show into the political realm, has aspirations of being on cable news.

“This is going to sound really stupid. [Laughs] You know how when people go give speeches at colleges, people riot?” Dakich asked Noe. “They attacked Tomi Lahren the other day, and people get all mad. I want to get to where people get mad if I’m giving a speech somewhere. How f*cked up does that sound, right?”

Pretty f*cked up, but Dakich relishes the hate. The OutKick host recalled working as a college basketball analyst for ESPN and hearing “We hate Dakich” chants from the Michigan State crowd after he called the fanbase whiny on social media. Dakich proudly said his friend and former producer uses sound of that chant as his ringtone.

“And so I want to get that in the political realm,” Dakich told Noe in the Barrett Sports Media interview. “When I go somewhere, I want an assassination attempt. [Laughs] Or I want some crazy political zealot to go nuts on me or something.”

If hoping people get mad at him for giving a speech is “pretty f*cked up,” what is hoping for an assassination attempt? Maybe Dakich was being somewhat facetious. But if he really does aspire to incite some sort of political protest, it’s fair to ask if that mindset will ever cause him to bypass authenticity with an opinion in hopes of generating the kind of reaction he seeks. And if Dakich really does aspire to incite some sort of political protest, it’s also fair to ask which colleges are now lining up for his speeches.

“I know I’m on the wrong side of the media,” Dakich added. “I understand that, I get it. When something gets picked up, the piling on factor happens. With me, I can literally tell you when something happens, okay, Jeff Goodman is going to come out and be a pain in the ass. This guy’s going to get mad and I know the cast of clowns that are going to come out of the woodwork. I love it.”

I know Dakich has had his issues with Awful Announcing, but I can say with confidence that he is alone in rooting for an assassination attempt by a crazy political zealot.

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