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Charles Barkley doesn’t support Donald Trump, and he doesn’t support any Black people who support Trump solely because of his mug shot.

Barkley’s weekly CNN show with Gayle King aired Saturday night last week instead of its usual prime time slot on Wednesday. And near the start of the show, King Charles replayed a clip of Trump suggesting his mug shot appeals to Black voters. Trump made the comment at a gala organized by the Black Conservative Federation.

“The mug shot, we’ve all seen the mug shot, and you know who embraced it more than anybody else? The Black population. It’s incredible. You see Black people walking around with my mug shot, you know they do shirts,” Trump said after alleging he’s gaining Black voter support because he’s “being discriminated against.”

But if you’re a Black person attempting to support Trump by wearing a shirt with the former president’s mug shot on it, consider changing the outfit if Charles Barkley is around.

“If I see a Black person walking around with a Trump mug shot, I’m gonna punch him in the face,” Barkley ranted Saturday night on King Charles.

King was quick to interject after Barkley issued the threat, believing her CNN co-host shouldn’t say something he doesn’t really mean.

“Oh, I mean that sincerely,” Barkley said, prompting King to ask what the Basketball Hall of Famer will do when he’s arrested for assault. “I’m gonna bail myself out and go celebrate,” Barkley added.

It wouldn’t be the first time Barkley was arrested for punching someone. In 1991, Barkley was arrested in Milwaukee after he punched a heckler outside of a bar. Barkley was also arrested in 1997 after he tossed someone through a bar window in retaliation to the person throwing ice at him. Undeterred, Barkley vows to do it again if he sees a Black person celebrating Trump’s mug shot.

“If I was at that [conference], I would have gotten up and walked out,” Barkley continued of Trump claiming he gained Black voter support because he’s being discriminated against. “That was an insult to all Black people… It’s not a fair comparison. He’s a billionaire. He’s had a great life. He’s been President of the United States. To insult Black people who have been discriminated against all these years, to put them in the same category, I was just offended.”

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