Charles Barkley rips Donald Trump and Joe Biden Photo credit: King Charles

Charles Barkley isn’t a fan of Black people supporting Donald Trump and he isn’t a fan of the way President Biden pretends to support Black people.

During Wednesday night’s edition of King Charles on CNN, Barkley expounded upon controversial remarks he made over the weekend in response to Trump suggesting his mugshot appeals to Black voters because they relate to him “being discriminated against.”

“If I see a Black person walking around with a Trump mugshot, I’m gonna punch him in the face,” Barkley ranted on CNN Saturday night.

Barkley went on to tell co-host Gayle King, “I mean that sincerely.” But on Wednesday, Barkley tempered his rant a little bit.

“Obviously, I’m not gonna go around punching random strangers in the face – first and foremost,” Barkley admitted. “Secondly, people can vote for who they want to. People can vote for who they want to. The point I was trying to make, no, the point I was making, I wasn’t trying to make it – when Donald Trump compares his plight with that of the Black person, that is what I had a problem with.

“Now, I do wanna say this. I want to make it perfectly clear,” Barkley continued. “If you’re a Black person and you wearing a Donald Trump mugshot, you are a freaking idiot. And I’m only saying ‘freaking idiot’ because they won’t let me say what I really wanna say. But you can figure it out. It starts with an F.”

But if you assume Barkley’s issues with Trump means the Basketball Hall of Famer-turned CNN host is going to automatically support Biden in the upcoming presidential election, you would be mistaken. After sharing his disdain for Trump and those celebrating the former president’s mugshot, Barkley proceeded to blast Democrats for only caring about the Black community every four years.

“They come into our neighborhoods and say, ‘We’re going to make stuff better. We’re going to do this, do this, do this,’” Barkley ranted. “And then finally us Black people are like, ‘Yo man, other than our ability to dunk a basketball, all my neighborhoods are still the same, our schools are still the same.’ And that’s why I think Black people are leaving, disappointed in the Democratic Party.”

Barkley is not alone in feeling like he’s between a rock and a hard place as we close in on the inevitable Biden vs Trump presidential election rematch this fall. Which is probably why Barkley is still holding out hope that Stephen A. Smith will eventually run for president.

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