When it comes to sports media, most people focus on traditional radio and TV shows such as Monday Night Football. While these are great ways to find out more about sports and catch up on the latest gossip, modern sports media coverage has expanded into new areas. Social media is a fine example of this and you can now get the latest team drama and analysis on platforms like Twitter. 

Another modern way to find out more about your favorite sports or teams is podcasts. These can be radio podcasts you listen to or video podcasts that you watch online. There are lots of these around,  covering all aspects of the sporting pantheon. Podcasts that are growing in popularity are those focused on sports betting.

Sports betting is huge worldwide 

Sports betting itself has expanded a lot lately around the world and especially in the USA. This has been driven by changing legislature in North America, which now leaves people in many states able to legally bet on sports. New York is one state that has pushed through legislation and now offers legal sports betting to those within its borders. If you are in NY and plan to get involved with this activity, remember to find the top sportsbook bonuses in New York to take advantage of. These are worth hunting down because they help you enjoy risk-free bets or access free money to bet with.

For those in states such as New York, who plan to wager on games, it is also worth tracking down the best sports betting podcasts to tune into regularly. These can help you get more from your betting and uncover top strategies or tips to consider. But which are some of the best around? 

Bet The Board 

Podcasts on sports betting do not come any better than this. Hosted by pro sports bettor Payne Insider and media guru/former bookie Todd Fuhrman, it is worth your time. The experience they bring from inside sports betting is invaluable and they have a real knack for explaining their thoughts in an entertaining way. Their main focus is football, so it is the ideal podcast if you plan to bet on this sport. 

As you would expect, the NFL is a big part of the proceedings but they also cover college ball. With talk around personnel, matchups, how the betting markets work, game analysis and more, this has lots to offer. The show lasts around an hour and broadcasts via Apple Podcasts/Podbean on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in football season. There is also a video podcast called Thee Pregame Show, released on Fridays.

Captain Jack Andrews 

Podcasts in sports broadcasting have quickly become a big deal. Look at how there are plans for a new weekly Fox Sports podcast in the pipeline, for example. Sports betting shows are just as handy and this video podcast series found on the YouTube platform shows why. 

It is a podcast that covers not only a range of sports in an entertaining way but also a number of subjects around sports betting. As well as more topical discussions, this channel has lots of evergreen information to help bettors. This includes tips on how to build your own betting model and key sports betting skills you need to develop. This podcast is generally focused around how to find the best bets to make, rather than simply giving you tips and picks to follow. While this might not be for everyone, it can help you understand how to find top bets to make and where to begin in this process for yourself. 

Pushing The Odds 

Hosted by Matt Perrault, this radio podcast series is found on the SportsMap radio station, Apple Podcasts and Audioboom. It broadcasts daily from Las Vegas and comes in the format of a sports-style radio debate show. As you would expect, there is a real focus on betting, alongside the witty sports talk. This makes it not only very informative but also great to listen to. 

Host Perrault is particularly good and along with his weekly guests, gives a straight-talking roundup of major sporting news and betting insights. Many episodes feature interviews with top bookies and gambling journalists, which gives these broadcasts a real sense of authenticity. 

Top podcasts for sports bettors 

Discussed above are some of the best sports betting-focused podcasts that are available, for the entertainment they provide or for the tips that could improve your betting. Whether it is radio or video podcasts, this type of sports media is the ideal way to get more from betting on sports.