Chiefs' TE Travis Kelce hosting SNL. Chiefs’ TE Travis Kelce hosting SNL.

On Saturday, Kansas City Chiefs’ tight end Travis Kelce’s hosting of Saturday Night Live  got a lot of attention. From the monologue Kelce performed (seen above) roasting his own dating show (Catching Kelce) and brother Jason (who was in attendance, along with their parents) through skits like “Straight Male Friend,” there was quite a bit to talk about. Now, the Kelce brothers have added to that conversation themselves on the latest episode of their joint New Heights podcast (a Jukes original, presented by Wave Sports + Entertainment). There, they discuss SNL and much more, including a remarkable story from Travis about interactions with past SNL cast member and current Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon:

One particularly notable part of that is that Fallon story from Travis, which comes at the 24:05 mark:

“I met him [Jimmy Fallon] at a charity golf outing and played golf with him. Funniest golf outing I think I’ve ever been in. It was absolutely hysterical. When we get to the 17th hole, we got one more left, we needed a putt, like a big time putt, and I was probably about 4 feet away and I kicked it like a foot right of the pin. So it was atrocious. I hadn’t sunk a putt in probably 10 holes. I was talking to my putter after every single hole, ‘You’re stupid—you suck. You need to be better.’ And finally I kicked the last one right and Jimmy—just comes up to me and he says, ‘Let me see that’—he grabs it and just like—50 feet into a pond. So it was like, ‘Well, there goes my putter.'”

At least that was a funny and memorable golf outing for Kelce overall! And he can probably afford to buy a new putter, considering that he’s currently in the middle of a four-year, $57-million contract. The episode also saw both Kelces sharing some interesting SNL stories, perhaps especially Travis talking about the advice he got from Peyton Manning (30:54) and Charles Barkley (51:05, which was also applicable for Jason), and both talking about the afterparty (103:50). Here are those quotes:

Travis: Peyton Manning gave me one word of advice going into it, which was the best advice I could get, he was like, ‘Dude, just go all in. Just be open-minded… be on time…’ 

…Jason: So you actually started recording on Thursday night, which is when I showed up… So you got advice from Peyton Manning, you also got advice from Charles Barkley… do you remember what his advice was?

Travis: Make sure you wear drawers. 

Jason: Which for me, was very good advice. A lot of changing back and forth. 

Travis: When I tell you they’ll just throw you in a corner and just muddle huddle, and just start ripping clothes off you.

Jason: I made sure I packed drawers for the show.

…Jason: One of the more iconic things that I didn’t know about until Rich Eisen told me. Which is the after party. Rich Eisen was kind enough to tell me, ‘Make sure you sleep in all Saturday, as late as possible, because you will see the sun rise the next day.’ And he did not lie.

Travis: He did not lie. It was a dark environment too. Because we went to the after party and then went to the after-after party, that’s where we stayed up till the sun rose. 

Jason: Not just us – I was like, ‘You gotta do this every Saturday??’

So there we have it: even elite athletes like the Kelces have challenges making it through a SNL afterparty. Hopefully no golf clubs were damaged at that one. This was a further indication of the value of New Heights (which has even landed big merchandising deals) for Jukes and Wave Sports + Entertainment, though; getting the Kelces’ perspectives on such a widely-seen thing shortly after it aired is cool. And it builds on the momentum they have from how they used this podcast around their brother v. brother Super Bowl.

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