Stephen A. Smith discussing breasts on "The Stephen A. Smith Show." Stephen A. Smith discussing breasts on “The Stephen A. Smith Show.”

One of the interesting things with Stephen A. Smith’s Audacy/Cadence 13 podcast (formerly known as Know Mercy, it’s now The Stephen A. Smith Show) is how he’ll get into topics that aren’t necessarily a fit for his ESPN work. Much of the time, that’s about politics, and it makes sense for Smith to have those conversations in a non-ESPN forum considering all of ESPN’s efforts to avoid political topics these days. But there are also moments where Smith’s podcasting gets a little more not safe for work than it might on a Disney platform. The latest there saw Smith spending some time discussing a tweet on breast milk from New York Knicks’ guard Josh Hart. Here’s that tweet, and some follow-ups, and Smith’s reaction:

“Josh Hart sent out some kind of tweet or whatever asking folks if y’all had ever tasted breast milk. Breast milk. That’s what he said. Now, I’ve never been inclined to taste breast milk. I like breasts. You don’t have to be a baby to like breasts. Matter of fact, one could easily argue there are adults who like breasts more than babies. However, breast milk is a different matter. He asked that question, and I’m like, I mean, ‘Damn, Josh! What the hell!’ And then I started laughing because I thought about a clip from Dave Chappelle that I thought was hilarious years ago, and that made me chuckle. [He shows a clip of the Chappelle Show sketch on a musician getting breast milk.] That was Josh Smith [nope!] of the New York Knicks. No wonder why Jalen Brunson said ‘Lose the number, lose the number.’ Josh Hart is a weird one. But he is somebody I hope remains a New York Knick.”

This adds to the sexual topics previously discussed on Smith’s podcast. Other entries there include praising Martha Stewart for posing for a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover at 81 while also talking about his appreciation of the looks of Ciara and Kim Kardashian (“Lord, have mercy! Bravo, Kim!”) and shouting out Robert DeNiro for having his seventh child at 79 (“You could be 79 years of age and you still got it going on?”). The podcast’s initial billing was that Smith would offer “unfiltered insights and perspectives on the day’s headlines, including politics, entertainment, social issues, criminal justice, and business,” and he’s done that, but he’s also offering some unfiltered perspectives on bedroom subjects. (Which he’s also done on other podcasts.) And it’s probably good that his more NSFW content isn’t showing up in his appearances on Disney platforms.

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