Shannon Sharpe discusses earnings from Katt Williams interview Photo credit: Nightcap

Katt Williams’ appearance on Club Shay Shay may have lit Hollywood on fire, but Shannon Sharpe claims it put more than $6 million in his bank account.

Sharpe welcomed Williams on his Club Shay Shay podcast a little more than two months ago and the comedian proceeded to take a blowtorch to Hollywood, targeting Kevin Hart, Kim Kardashian, Joe Rogan, Chris Tucker and Cedric The Entertainer among plenty of others. The bombshell interview has amassed 61 million views on YouTube and dozens of clips from the episode have garnered viewership totals exceeding seven-figures each.

Apparently, those clicks bode pretty well for Sharpe’s wallet. Sharpe boasted about the monetary success from the Katt Williams interview during the latest episode from another highly successful podcast of his, Nightcap with co-host Chad Johnson.

“Everybody was talking about how much money I made doing the Katt Williams interview,” Sharpe said. “I just got the check. Whatever you think I made, 3x it. If you think I made $500,000 – 3x it. If you think I made a million – 3x it. If you think I made $2 million – 3x it.”

For those without a calculator nearby, three times $2 million is $6 million. That implies the check Sharpe received for doing the Katt Williams interview amounted to more than $6 million. To put that in perspective, Sharpe was reportedly earning $3 million per year during his last contract with FS1.

What did Sharpe do with that $6 million check? He bought a Rolex. And if you’re surprised by Sharpe earning more than $6 million for his Katt Williams interview, you’ll probably be more surprised to hear the Pro Football Hall of Famer celebrated by singing John Mayer songs.

“That’s the John Mayer,” Sharpe said as he flashed his new Rolex to Johnson. “Discontinued. It’s the green face.”

“The guitar player?” Johnson asked with surprise. Which prompted Sharpe to start singing the 2002 pop classic “Your Body Is a Wonderland” before changing the lyrics to say, “My pockets is a wonderland!” Johnson aptly chimed in with “Gravity.”

Katt Williams destroyed the entertainment industry and the only two people who came out on top were Shannon Sharpe and John Mayer. Amazing.


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