Aaron Rodgers on The Pat McAfee Show

It wouldn’t be an Aaron Rodgers appearance on The Pat McAfee Show without the quarterback finding something to critique the media about. Rodgers’ latest gripe stems from how the “plant” ayahuasca is portrayed by the media.

Nearly two months after Rodgers spoke openly about his experience with ayahuasca, the plant-based psychedelic was back in the news this week thanks to the Green Bay Packers featuring it in their end zone celebration.

“I kept reading these articles about us doing ‘a drug celebration’ and ‘drug this’ or ‘drug that.’ It’s not a drug. It’s a plant,” Rodgers told McAfee definitively.

“Putting the tag drug on them is a manipulative word that creates a bias against those specific things,” Rodgers said, reminding us of his intelligence. “I do think it’s important enough to go on this ridiculous tangent I went on to remind people how words are used to create bias in certain situations and those bias create fears.”

“I’m excited you got that off your heart,” McAfee said, not shying away from the fact that he too referred to ayahuasca as a ‘drug.’ “Because it seems like that’s been something you’ve been cooking on for a little bit…Colin Cowherd said, ‘yeah, I’ve done drugs and puked too. It’s called a hangover, Aaron.’ Which was great.”

Invoking the Cowherd quote prompted an amazing blank stare from Rodgers, who clearly didn’t agree with the Fox Sports Radio host. For reference, here is Cowherd’s actual quote regarding Rodgers’ use of ayahuasca.

“It happened to me too, it was college,” Cowherd said during his Aug. 4 radio show. “I had six rum drinks in 90 minutes. I saw weird things and yakked too. I moved into a different realm, it was the realm of that’s the worst damn hangover I’ve ever had in my life…Aaron, lots of people have tried this psychedelic tea, they’re called hippies, burnouts and affluent white people with too much time on their hands and nobody in their life to call out their crap.”

Honestly, I have no idea whether ayahuasca should be considered a plant or drug. And while I’d like to trust Rodgers, because he speaks so passionately about the topic, I’ll have to do my own research first.

I am at least confident that drinking ayahuasca brew, a plant that has been used as a method of healing in Central and South America for thousands of years, is very different than a college student getting drunk on Captain Morgan.

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