Jessica Kleinschmidt Jessica Kleinschmidt on the Awful Announcing Podcast

Oakland Athletics broadcaster Jessica Kleinschmidt carved out a place for herself in the typically male-dominated field of sports media, and she revealed exactly how she did that in a recent appearance on the Awful Announcing Podcast.

On top of serving in her broadcasting role for the Oakland A’s, she is also a host of Comeback Media’s newly launched Short and to the Point podcast. 

During her appearance on the Awful Announcing podcast, she detailed that authenticity and approachability have helped her gain a social media following, which later led to the roles she currently holds.

“I think for me I woke up one day and decided to be Jess Kleinschmidt instead of being the next Katie Nolan or the next Michelle Beadle,” Kleinschmidt told AA’s Brandon Contes. “I was trying so hard to be them, the next Sarah Spain. When I was like ‘Well, why don’t you just be the next Jess Kleinschmidt’. Humor definitely helps. Baseball is run by a lot of broadcasters that are very boring, and I just wanted to be real.”

Kleinschmidt added that engaging with her social media following is also a crucial factor that she believes helps separate her from others in the social media space.

“I engage with my followers too, that is a huge thing. People love to just tweet, and that is it. I think for me, the reason why I was so good at landing some of these jobs is that I would reply to people on social media. I feel like it is important to show people that you can talk to me.”

As a broadcaster, fans will ultimately figure out whether an on-air personality is being genuine over the course of a drawn-out 162-game season. Kleinschmidt finally added that she sees herself as an extension of the players and the organization, and her authenticity and her vulnerability are crucial for fans at home.

“I wanted to be myself, and authentic, and vulnerable. You can’t not be that when you think of broadcasting. 162 games where I am on the radio. You have to be real about that stuff. Because at the end of the day, we are an extension of the players, we’re an extension of the fans, we’re an extension of the game. That is a lot of pressure, and I just want people to know that I am a normal person at the end of the day.”

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