The Dan Le Batard Show didn’t just accuse FS1 host Nick Wright of being a content thief during Tuesday’s show, they convicted the First Things First host without trial. And Wednesday morning, Wright joined the Le Batard Show, desperate to clear his name.

The indictment occurred when the Le Batard Show’s Amin Elhassan noticed Wright promoting the grand opening of Club Superstar on First Things First. The bit sounded oddly similar to Elhassan’s years-old MVP Bar, and looked eerily akin to the show’s club segment, prompting Le Batard to call Wright a fraud and grifter, bashing the First Things First host for “stealing sh*t and putting it on Fox.”

Wright quickly pushed back on the allegations, claiming he was unaware of the MVP Bar despite being a frequent consumer of Le Batard’s show and Elhassan’s content.

Wednesday morning, Wright joined the show and came in hot, vehemently declaring, “I didn’t steal a goddamn thing,” before curiously admitting to stealing from the show once before. But in the instance of Club Superstar vs the MVP Bar, Wright pled his innocence.

“Here’s how you know I haven’t stolen from Amin,” Wright argued. “When I am advertising something and talking about it for months! If I’d stolen something I would have tried to do it in the shadows.”

Wright celebrated the grand opening of Club Superstar on his FS1 show Tuesday morning, but he had been promoting the bit since early April. “It was an organic bit because I thought too many people were being called superstars,” Wright explained on The Dan Le Batard Show. “I said it’s gotta be treated like a nightclub, one in, one out.”

The “one in, one out” aspect to Wright’s Club Superstar might be his biggest defense, because the MVP Bar created by Elhassan and Zach Harper, although exclusive, is not one in, one out. Still, Wright was unable to convince Le Batard that his creativity was genuine.

“I see a lot of similarities,” Le Batard determined of Club Superstar’s resemblance to the MVP Bar. “And when you’re someone who has followed what it is that we do around here, I tend to side with Amin when he accuses you of being a grifter.”

Watch the full 27 minutes of deliberation to decide for yourself, or more importantly, be entertained.

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