It can’t be easy being Shannon Sharpe, having to battle and bicker with Skip Bayless every day on FS1, but imagine being married to the hot take artist?

Ernestine Sclafani Bayless was a guest on her husband’s podcast The Skip Bayless Show this week and offered some insight on what it’s like to live with the man who gets paid handsomely to yell and scream about sports. In fact, being married to the FS1 host is so interesting that Ernestine even wrote a book about navigating a relationship with Skip. The 2019 book is titled, Balls: How to keep your relationship alive when you live with a sports-obsessed guy and credits both Ernestine and Skip as the authors.

In case you didn’t catch the euphemism, “the book is a double entendre title because it’s about ball games and also about testosterone which spills all over our household,” Bayless explained on his podcast.

“You have to have balls to stick with someone like you,” Ernestine added.

If you haven’t read Balls yet and can handle holding out a bit longer, it sounds like you’ll soon have the option to watch it, because according to Ernestine, the book is being made into a movie!

“By the way, from our book, it’s going to be a movie of the week at some point,” Ernestine said on The Skip Bayless Show. “Right? I told you they’re making it a movie of the week on GAC.”

“Is that happening?” Bayless asked his wife.

“It is going to be happening,” she answered. “Fingers crossed, but that’s what the word is right now…right now it’s in legal.”

Count me in as being stunned to learn a movie about Skip Bayless is in the works. And the fact that the film is about being married to Bayless, makes this even harder to wrap my head around.

Bayless previously opened up about his marriage, claiming he told his wife “You’ll always be No. 2 to my job,” when they met 17 years ago. After a failed marriage earlier in his career, followed by a longer-term relationship that ended over his desire to not have kids, Bayless credits Ernestine for teaching him about romance and accepting his obsession to work.

“No one ever told me they loved me and romance for me was more just about sex than about romance,” Bayless said on his podcast. “You taught me romance.”

Coming soon, to a TV near you.

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