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It’s been more than a year since the infamous Shannon Sharpe-Skip Bayless blowup on Undisputed, and Mo’Nique wished the bout played out differently.

The relationship between the former FS1 co-hosts may have boiled over last year when Sharpe took issue with a controversial tweet Bayless sent about Damar Hamlin. But one month prior, the former co-hosts had another heated exchange where Bayless attempted to discredit Sharpe’s playing career.

This week, Sharpe welcomed Mo’Nique to his Club Shay Shay podcast and at the start of the interview, the comedian and actress had something to say about Bayless and the way he treated his former debate partner.

“Let me say this to you,” Mo’Nique began. “The day I watched Skip Bayless lose himself with you, and that’s what he did, he lost himself. And when I watched Skip Bayless say to you, ‘Put them goddamn glasses back on, boy.’ Now I know he didn’t say ‘goddamn’ and ‘boy,’ but that’s what everybody heard. And I was waiting for you to snatch his ass across that table, baby and give it to him. I was like, ‘Shannon, this is the perfect time.’ I don’t condone violence, but that day. I was in my feelings for two days.”

Below is video of the infamous incident from a Dec. 2022 episode of Undisputed where Bayless told Sharpe to “put your glasses back on” along with a handwave and an eye-roll.

Mo’Nique said she couldn’t watch Sharpe on Undisputed for two days after that incident and it wasn’t until her husband pointed out the fact that Bayless “would have died in Shannon’s arms that day” if the Pro Football Hall of Famer resorted to violence in the moment.

“I know everybody around the heard what I heard,” Mo’Nique continued. “No, he didn’t say them words, but we heard it in his mind and we were you looking for you to say, ‘Space and opportunity, Skip.’ Space and opportunity.”

Sharpe did not chime in on his former partner after Mo’Nique ripped Bayless. And that silence spoke volumes. The clip of Sharpe and Bayless feuding on Undisputed gained enough attention as one of the more tense clips in sports debate show history. Can you imagine if that Undisputed dispute turned physical?

Amazingly, it wouldn’t have been the first time for Skip. Bayless apparently once got into a physical altercation with Woody Paige at ESPN over an argument about who had more sex than the other.

Bayless can spar in a war of words with the best of him. And for a 72-year-old, he’s in great shape with an energy that is off the charts. But have you seen Shannon Sharpe? Skip Bayless wouldn’t stand a chance. It’s good that Sharpe didn’t need to make his point by resorting to violence. Now more than one year after the dispute and about eight months removed from their divorce, Sharpe’s media status is soaring, while Bayless is still trying to find his way without the Pro Football Hall of Famer.

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