Sports radio talk show host Mike Francesa

Love him, hate him, or love/hate him, Mike Francesa can draw an audience, so it’s no wonder that various media companies would be interested in having the New York sports radio legend as part of their lineup.

HOWEVA…according to Francesa, he’s perfectly fine just doing the Mike Francesa Podcast for the foreseeable future.

Francesa, who has been hosting his podcast with BetRivers since early 2022, was asked if he might go back to doing a TV show like NBC New York’s Mike’d Up. Despite the assumptions of many that he would tire of his current setup and move on sooner than later, the WFAN legend made it clear he’s happy with how things are.

“I would doubt it,” he said on Monday episode. “At this point, I’m not as visible. So it wouldn’t make as much sense as having me now as it would then. And frankly, I’m doing what I do now, and I love doing it.”

Francesa did recently make a memorable appearance on ESPN’s First Take alongside former WFAN co-host Chris Russo for a Mike & The Mad Dog reunion, and Francesa feels like that kind of one-off is plenty for him right now.

“It’s actually enough,” Francesa said. “I’ve had a couple offers in the last couple of months. I’ve turned them all down. Anybody that’s asked me for steady work or to do something Monday through Friday I’ve said no.”

“It would have to be something very unusual for me to do on a regular basis,” he added.

It took Mike a while to figure out how podcasting worked, so it’s only fair that he sticks with it now that he’s up to speed.

[The Mike Francesa Podcast, via Barrett Sports Media]

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