Jomboy Media founders Jimmy "Jomboy" O'Brien (L) and Jake Storiale. Jomboy Media founders Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien (L) and Jake Storiale. (Jomboy Media)

There have been plenty of significant developments for Jomboy Media over the past few years. That included a further $5 million fundraising round in 2022, with notable investors including Reddit founder Alexis Ohanian, comedian Billy Crystal, and a variety of current and former athletes. Now, they’re striking a notable partnership with Dan Patrick and iHeartPodcasts, adding the Jimmy’s 3 Things and Wake and Jake podcasts to the Dan Patrick Podcast Network (which iHeartPodcasts distributes).

Those podcasts are individual ones hosted by Jomboy Media co-founders Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien and Jake Storiale respectively. Jimmy’s 3 Things is an extension of the main Talkin’ Baseball Jomboy Media podcast, featuring O’Brien talking about his three things of the week, which can range from analytical discussions to conversations about behind-the-scenes player drama and more. It has new episodes posted on Tuesdays.

Meanwhile, Wake and Jake drop new episodes on Mondays and Wednesdays. It sees Storiale covering big stories from across sports and participating in drafts and challenges with regular guest “Foolish Baseball.” Now, both it and Jimmy’s 3 Things are in Patrick’s podcast network. Here are some quotes on that from a release:

“Dan Patrick’s an originator of the fun-first, fan-driven sports community that Jomboy Media is built upon,” said Jimmy “Jomboy” O’Brien. “Partnering with his podcast network is a tremendous opportunity to take two of our most fun shows to the new level.”

“I grew up watching Dan Patrick and to be working with him now is a dream.” said Jake Storiale. “It’s really cool to see our company grow in so many organic and surprising ways, and now some of our shows will be hosted on one of the biggest podcast platforms in the country.”

“Moments with Jimmy ‘Jomboy’ O’Brien and Jake Storiale are rarely predictable,” shared Dan Patrick. “I love entertainment that surprises and informs, which makes ‘Jimmy’s Three Things’ and ‘Wake N’ Jake’ great additions to my podcast network.”

Podcast networks are certainly a growing thing, and a way for prominent sports figures to extend their brand with content from others they think will appeal to their audiences. They can definitely work well for both the network and individual podcasts, especially if the podcasts can pick up some new audience members from the network affiliation and if members of the podcasts’ existing audience check out some other shows on the network.

We’ll see how this move plays out for both sides, but it’s definitely interesting to see Jomboy Media partnering with Patrick, and he’s just the latest big name they’ve teamed up with.

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