Hanna (L) and Haley Cavinder ahead of a March 26 NCAA Tournament game. Mar 26, 2023; Greenville, SC, USA; Miami Hurricanes guard Haley Cavinder (14) and guard Hanna Cavinder (15) during the NCAA WomenÕs Tournament against the LSU Lady Tigers at Bon Secours Wellness Arena. Mandatory Credit: Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Since their announcement last week that they wouldn’t return to the Miami Hurricanes’ women’s basketball team for their fifth year of eligibility, there’s been a lot of discussion about what’s next for Haley and Hanna Cavinder. The Cavinder twins have found great success on the court, where they helped the Hurricanes to the Elite Eight this year, and off it, where they’ve signed some of the most prominent name, image, and likeness deals of any NCAA athletes. But there’s much more ahead for Haley and Hanna  in the sports and sports-adjacent world; they announced last week that they’re going to be working with WWE, and now, they’ve revealed that they’ve joined Jake Paul’s Betr content network as “Equity Partners, Content Creators and Creative Directors.” Here’s more on that from a Betr release:

Today, Betr Holdings, Inc., the company disrupting legacy gambling and legacy media, announced an exclusive partnership with Haley and Hanna Cavinder, who are known as The Cavinder Twins. As part of the agreement, The Cavinder Twins will join Betr as Equity Partners, Content Creators and Creative Directors and are bringing their popular podcast, Twin Talk, exclusively to Betr Media. With this move, The Cavinder Twins will be foundational on-camera talent for the company, creating female-centric sports content within Betr. The Cavinder Twins further diversify Betr’s growing talent roster with their experience-based perspectives on sports, and they will make regular appearances on Betr Media’s flagship franchise BS w/ Jake Paul as well as on other Betr Media content across all platforms.

…”We are thrilled to partner with the Cavinder Twins, who have already accomplished so much and are just scratching the surface of their potential,” said Joey Levy, Betr Founder and CEO. “We are positioning Betr Media to become the #1 destination for emerging talent by providing a truly win-win proposition: Betr can and will leverage the rapidly growing Jake Paul and Betr Media audiences to make emerging talent even more famous than they already are, while also providing best-in-class content development, production, and media sales infrastructure — all while offering material cash and equity upside into Betr Holdings, which owns both Betr Media and Betr Gaming. Betr Media’s objective is to attract, enhance, and amplify the next wave of generational content creators, and this partnership is a testament to that approach. Our talent flywheel is continuing to get stronger, and we are just getting started.”

“Betr gives us the ability to accelerate the growth of The Cavinder Twins brand in a focused and truly authentic manner,” said The Cavinder Twins, Haley and Hanna. “We love sports, thrive on competition, and enjoy creating and bringing ideas to life. Betr truly makes The Cavinder Twins and our brand that much better and bigger.”

Hanna and Haley (seen at left and right above ahead of a March 26 NCAA Tournament game) have been forces both on and off the hardwood. Haley led Miami with 12.2 points per game this year while also adding 4.9 rebounds and 2.5 assists per game, while Hanna added 3.8 points and 1.6 assists in 16.7 minutes per game, and both helped the Hurricanes make their first Elite 8 ever on the women’s side. But their content has taken off even more beyond that; they’ve put out eight episodes of that Twin Talk podcast thus far, and they’ve recorded countless YouTube videos (where they have almost 90,000 subscribers) about their lives inside and outside of basketball. Here are a couple of examples:

It will be interesting to see what the Cavinder twins do with Betr, which has already found a lot of success with shows like Paul’s BS w/ Jake Paul. And it’s notable to see them come in here as creative directors (so working on others’ content as well as their own) and with an equity stake (giving them more incentive to make this perform). We’ll see how this works out for them, and what kind of content they wind up doing at Betr, and how this fits in with their WWE plans.

[Photo from Jim Dedmon/USA Today Sports]

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