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Chris Long is turning his podcast into a whole media company. Back in the fall of 2019, his first year of retirement from the NFL, Long launched the Green Light podcast. That podcast has grown tremendously since then, as has Long’s stature in the media world (he hosted season four of American Prodigy for Blue Wire, and he’s now also one of the analysts for the new-look Inside The NFL on The CW.) And now, he’s launching a media company called Yote House, which will feature not just the three-times-a-week Green Light (including a new-format live show Mondays), but two further shows to start with. Here’s more on that from a release:

Former defensive end and 2x Super Bowl Champion, Chris Long, today announced the launch of his new media company, Yote House –a full-service production company and content studio dedicated to creating authentic and compelling content at the intersection of sports and culture.

Yote House’s flagship podcast, “Green Light with Chris Long,” will further enhance the fan experience to deliver three-episodes per week, including an all-new live show format every
Monday morning at 10:00am ET. The live show will be co-hosted by Chris and Kyle Long, along with Nate Collins — and will feature weekly contributors including: former NFL head coach, Jeff Fisher, NFL Insider Diana Russini, ESPN’s Stanford Steve Coughlin, among others. With nearly 500,000 monthly downloads during the NFL season and over 21 million lifetime views on YouTube, “Green Light” has garnered significant acclaim within both general sports fans and NFL insiders alike.

“When I retired in 2019, I wanted to keep working, to stay involved in football, to have a voice, but I wanted to do it on my own terms,” said Chris Long. “When I started recording ‘Green Light,’ success was no sure thing, but it has been thrilling to see the growth of the show over the last few years. Our cast and crew has expanded, we’ve been blessed with incredible guests, and have worked hard at developing dynamic content and connecting with our fanbase. As ‘Green Light’ has grown, so has our ambition to do more content development, which is why the launch of Yote House Media is a natural next step as we continue to expand.”

“We’re excited to continue to build on the success of ‘Green Light’ and expand our offerings by creating more authentic content with athletes and partners,” said Yote House CEO, Scott Reinen. “The media landscape continues to grow and evolve, and we’re committed to fostering a collaborative environment open for business.”

The other shows Yote House is announcing at this point are Fax and the King and Life After with David Vobora. Fax and the King launched this summer, and features two former NFL players (the aforementioned Collins, known for a “Dr. Fax” nickname, and Beau “The Butter King” Allen) talking viral moments, celebrity news, and college football. Life After, launching in 2024, has host Vobora (a former Mr. Irrelevant in the NFL and an advocate for disabled veterans) talking with guests “to uncover stories about finding hope, courage, and a new perspective while overcoming life-altering events.”

It’s certainly notable to see Long capitalizing on the success of his podcast with an expansion of not just that flagship show, but a whole media company that will host other shows. And this is a continued expansion of his various dives into podcasting, from Green Light to American Prodigy. Long told Peter Schrager earlier this year he prefers podcasting to TV, and while he now has that TV role as well, it’s interesting to see him continue to expand what he’s doing on the podcasting side. And he has a notable figure he’s working with here in Reinen, who previously worked at Blue Wire from February 2020-October 2022 as VP, marketing and growth, VP, talent, and head of content.

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