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Renowned sideline reporter Erin Andrews has a lot of respect for athletes taking time to talk to her, but she has a big issue with colleagues who don’t share that same appreciation.

On the latest podcast episode of Calm Down with Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson, the longtime Fox Sports reporter went on a rant about her colleagues who treat athletes unfairly in an attempt to create “clickbait.”

“I’m going to give you a little bit of advice,” Andrews said. “You don’t have to be an asshole. How about this, stop worrying about trying to make a name for yourself, or be clickbait with these questions that tie these guys down or put them in a bind…don’t do that.”

Andrews explained that while she appreciates the athletes who do speak to her, she also knows it’s never personal when they don’t, recognizing they have families and things going on in their own lives that could be the reason for their quick exit after a game.

“They’re not animals. They’re not pieces of meat,” Andrews added. “Yes, I realize they’re part of the story.”

Interestingly, Andrews’ message to her colleagues occurred after she was in Tampa covering the BuccaneersPanthers game on Sunday. Andrews said she spoke to some of Tampa’s players about recent coverage that she deemed unfair.

Last month, Bucs reporters Jenna Laine and Greg Auman got into a heated exchange with backup running back Giovani Bernard. Laine filmed the exchange and shared it on social media, seemingly attempting to fault Bernard for the back-and-forth. After their actions were criticized, Laine and Auman eventually apologized to Bernard.

Andrews did not specifically mention Laine, Auman, or Bernard during her rant, only noting that she felt the need to speak with Bucs players about her frustrations over the way other reporters have handled themselves recently.

“I know people out there, they want to make a name for themselves, reporters, and I know they want to stick out,” Andrews said. “But you do stick out in a really bad way when you treat these guys like shit.”

Andrews encouraged her colleagues to be more personal with athletes, treating them as human beings by asking about their families.

“It will take you so far, and they will remember that [more] than the bullshit, rude ass questions because you need to write your little bit on a blog or your hit for some network that you’re on,” Andrews continued. “Don’t treat them like shit. It’s not going to help you because, guess what, I know you’re not a professional athlete, but things go on in your job where you get treated like crap, and you don’t like the feeling.”

[Calm Down with Erin and Charissa]

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