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While it’s been two years since Dan Le Batard last worked at ESPN, the Meadowlark Media cofounder has been highly complimentary of his former colleagues. Yes, there was a bit of bad blood following Le Batard’s departure from The Worldwide Leader, but he’s often made it a point of emphasis to make sure that people around the industry, whether they work for him or not, get their due.

His appearance on the latest episode of The Lowe Post podcast with Zach Lowe was no different. Le Batard was invited on to talk about his beloved Miami Heat and the team’s run to the NBA Finals, offering a different perspective than maybe the typical basketball fan. The Denver Nuggets won this year’s NBA Championship in five games and Le Batard made sure to enjoy an unlikely run instead of lamenting that it ended.

Le Batard also offered a differing perspective that you may not often hear from guests on podcasts. This being as Lowe was thanking him for coming on to his podcast.

“Oh please, Zach. What you’ve done I will continue to tell people as I tell them privately and publicly,” Le Batard said. “Carving out a space in a labyrinth of assholery and idiots, where you have something that is uniquely yours–and an audience that follows it–I respect it from over here because it’s worth admiration.

“It’s not that easy to do, and I can imagine how hard you have worked on that hustle. Because it couldn’t have happened without you pouring all of your soul into it.”

And Le Batard is exactly right. 

Lowe took the road less traveled, working as a crime reporter, while also working part-time for the fan-blog Celtics Hub. He eventually made the transition over to being a full-time sports writer and worked at Sports Illustrated and the now defunct-Grantland before his contract was picked up by ESPN.

The Lowe Post is a largely successful, weekly podcast that has helped bring Lowe into the national spotlight. He offers a unique, detailed perspective that is unlike anything previously seen in the current landscape of column writing and reporting. The industry has long-recognized Lowe as one of the best there is, but it means that much more coming from somebody like Le Batard, who has watched him blossom into a superstar.

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