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Former Major League Baseball pitcher and ESPN analyst turned-far-right political pundit Curt Schilling is joining Outkick.

Michael McCarthy of Front Office Sports broke the news Tuesday morning, reporting that Schilling will launch a baseball show for the conservative-leaning outlet founded by Clay Travis.

“I’m excited to be teaming with a group of motivated, focused people, who are intent on making OutKick a leader and most excited to talk baseball, and only baseball,” Schilling said in a statement to FOS. “After meeting the team and the opportunity to get back to the sport I love and focus only on that was too appealing to pass up.”

According to the announcement, The Curt Schilling Baseball Show will air every Tuesday and Friday during Spring Training, and the new video podcast for Outkick is expected to continue throughout the entire 2023 MLB season.

Schilling already has a lengthy résumé of media experience, having worked as a baseball analyst for ESPN from 2009 to 2016. His tenure at ESPN ended unceremoniously, however, with the former pitcher getting fired after he shared an anti-transgender post on Facebook. Schilling was also suspended by ESPN in 2015, after he tweeted and deleted an awful anti-Muslim meme.

Outkick founder Clay Travis provided FOS with a statement welcoming Schilling to the outlet. But Travis didn’t just focus on Schilling’s credentials as a baseball analyst, as he took aim at the retired pitcher’s former employer.

“OutKick is, and will always be, the strongest proponent for smart, original, funny, and authentic voices in all of sports. Unlike the pathetic losers at ESPN, we don’t believe in cancel culture, and we never will,” Travis said in a statement.

“If you want to hear what sports fans really think without fear of woke consequences, you need to be reading and watching OutKick every day. Buckle up for a fun ride, and welcome to OutKick, Curt.”

Since getting fired by ESPN, Schilling has been more willing to make controversial political and social statements on social media, strikingly tweeting support for the Capitol insurrection hours after it occurred. Those ideals, along with his outspoken criticism of the media, have kept Schilling out of Cooperstown. But Schilling now has a platform to offer baseball analysis and share controversial opinions beyond his social media accounts.

The Curt Schilling Baseball Show will debut for Outkick this Friday, Feb. 24.

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