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Longtime Buffalo sports columnist Jerry Sullivan joined local podcast Trainwreck Tonight and made a sexist comment about women sports fans during the livestream.

The Buffalo-based podcast is hosted by characters who go by Degenerate Al and Maniac. For episode No. 273, they welcomed Sullivan, a sports columnist for WIVB and the Niagara Gazette. During the show, the trio fielded a comment on the livestream from Amy, who wrote, “I thought the aim was to get viewers, not to turn them away.”

Sullivan relished the opportunity to respond, quickly claiming “Women, be better than this! Because the worst fans really are the women. They don’t get critical journalism, they all want to be cheerleaders.”

“You know what I mean?” Sullivan added. “It’s always – I don’t want to. It’s a dangerous avenue to go down to criticize women in general because they’re better than men generally, but…they don’t get it as fans.”

After seeking support from Degenerate Al and Maniac, the podcast hosts were reluctant to rally behind Sullivan’s sexist rant and instead tried to cut the columnist off.

“That needs to be the takeaway from this whole interaction,” Maniac said. “Generally, women are better than men. That’s just a fact and I think we all stand by that.”

Tuesday morning, Trainwreck Sports issued a statement condemning Sullivan’s comments.

“Last night on Trainwreck Tonight 273, comments were made by a guest. Our team does not condone them, the comments, or the sentiment in any way, shape, or form,” they wrote. “Empowering women doesn’t come down to making statements like this – It comes down to standing up for them when they are done wrong, and last night they were. Our community is great because of everyone that encompasses it.”

Bills fans were upset with Sullivan for throwing shade at quarterback Josh Allen during his latest postgame press conference, which is presumably why Amy criticized his podcast appearance. After Buffalo beat the New York Jets Sunday afternoon, Sullivan didn’t ask Allen a question, instead he stated the team’s offense wasn’t Super Bowl worthy. Allen bypassed the apparent bait into an exchange with Sullivan and gave a one word response of “OK.”

During the Trainwreck Tonight podcast, Sullivan was asked whether he would do anything differently if he could travel back to before the press conference. Sullivan admitted he would have phrased his criticism of Buffalo’s offense as a question to Allen. Minutes after answering that question on the podcast, Sullivan did something that should be much more regretful by making an ignorant sexist remark about women.

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