LeBron James on The Shop.

If seemingly everyone already has a podcast, then newly crowned billionaire LeBron James is well overdue to jump on board and launch one of his own.

Game 2 of the NBA Finals was another playoff blowout, and despite watching from home like the rest of us, James may have created the most basketball buzz of the night by teasing a possible podcast.

“Jumping on someone podcast soon. Maybe my own,” James tweeted with a thinking face emoji.


James predictably had no shortage of suitors, with podcast hosts eagerly reaching out to invite him on their show as a guest. But the more intriguing route would be if James decides to launch a podcast of his own.

An active athlete hosting their own podcast isn’t exactly a new revelation. James would be following in the footsteps of Kevin Durant, CJ McCollum, Draymond Green and many others. But James’ level of stardom is in a different stratosphere from every other active athlete with a podcast. And after watching the attention Green, Patrick Beverley and JJ Redick have generated in recent weeks from their media ventures, James certainly recognizes he would command a massive audience.

James would be an especially interesting podcast host considering his willingness to touch on social and political topics. The Lakers superstar doesn’t just stick to sports, and being able to listen to him talk regularly in an unfiltered setting would absolutely generate appeal.

But despite nearly everyone already having a podcast, there’s really no reason for James to add anything else to his plate. He’s one of the most recognizable athletes in the world, he’s a billionaire, he has  media companies (SpringHill and Uninterrupted), a HBO turned Uninterrupted series with The Shop, and no shortage of business opportunities. As much as NBA fans might be eager for it to happen, does James really want or need to sit behind a microphone on a regular basis?

Maybe he’s bored sitting at home during the playoffs without the spotlight on him, or maybe he views the podcast space as another potential business venture, looking to build his own platform. And if he is going to launch a podcast platform of his own, there’s no better way to generate buzz than by hosting a show himself. James wouldn’t just be another active athlete with a podcast, he’d be the first billionaire athlete with his own podcast.

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