Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers joined The Pat McAfee Show Friday afternoon to announce the relaunch of their weekly NFL season segment, and to discuss his recent podcast tour.

In August, Rodgers joined The Aubrey Marcus Podcast, Barstool’s Pardon My Take, Bussin’ With The Boys, and The Joe Rogan Experience. His appearance on Rogan’s podcast was predicted ever since Rodgers revealed he lied about getting vaccinated against COVID and began using The Pat McAfee Show to spread misinformation about the jab. As everyone was forecasting we’d eventually see Rodgers interviewed by Rogan, the quarterback said the podcast appearance was nearly a year in the making.

“Getting to talk to Joe, Dr. Joe was a lot of fun as well,” Rodgers told McAfee. “That was kind of a year in the making after everything that happened last fall. Obviously, some of the guests that he had on his podcast was definitely stirring some shit up across the country. And to go on his show and to kind of talk about what it was like last year was really cool.”

After Rodgers contracted COVID-19 last year, the quarterback similarly stirred shit up by admitting he consulted with Rogan for advice on combatting the virus. Rogan, of course, is a podcast host who has no medical background, despite the blind trust he receives from his audience and many conspiracy theorists.

Having touted Rogan’s assistance, Rodgers united with the polarizing podcast host for a giant three-hour chat last weekend. Rodgers and Rogan spent a good portion of the show discussing their unproven theories on COVID-19 as compared to the NFL, government and media’s handling of the pandemic.

“It’s been some fun conversations,” Rodgers continued of his media tour. “I’ve been on a couple podcasts and said things, everything I stand behind. Not a lot of questions from our local media about any of it. I haven’t been asked one time about anything I said.”

Rodgers seemed curious by the lack of questioning from local media members, appearing to invite more reporters to ask about his polarizing opinions and podcast appearances.

“There has been a lot of articles written and what it’s done is it sparked some incredible conversations for me,” Rodgers claimed. “With teammates, with people that work at the facility, coaches, players from other teams, I had a great conversation with some of the Saints guys about some of the stuff I said on [The Aubrey Marcus Podcast], guys from the Chiefs, just really interesting conversations.”

Whether or not you agree with Rodgers aside, he certainly qualifies as “interesting,” so it’s not surprising to hear other players are interested in engaging with him. That’s not to say the Saints and Chiefs are about to venture on a team trip to Peru for some ayahuasca, but the more he talks about his unique beliefs and opinions, the more people on and off the field are going to attempt to seek these “interesting conversations.”

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