Rich Eisen's post about battling COVID-19 symptoms.

There’s been significant discussion lately about athletes and COVID-19 vaccinations, with plenty of athletes choosing not to get vaccinated at all or not to get vaccinated early. Some of that pushback has been from athletes citing that the current vaccines don’t stop all infections. But Rich Eisen, the NFL Network host who also hosts a daily sports show on NBCSN/Peacock/radio, has a rebuttal to that. Eisen posted to Instagram Thursday that he’s currently in day four of COVID-19 isolation and battling symptoms despite being fully vaccinated, but he said that also shows how vaccines work to prevent hospitalization or death, and encouraged others to get vaccinated.


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It’s certainly unfortunate to hear that Eisen is battling COVID-19 symptoms, and that that has happened despite him making the choice to get vaccinated. But his post here is a positive one, and one that helps illustrate how much vaccinations can help. Many recent statebystate, national, and global stories have shown that a large percentage of the recently-rising (thanks at least partly to variants) tolls in infections, hospitalizations, and deaths come from unvaccinated people. And while the symptoms Eisen has to deal with are still nothing to be taken lightly, it’s definitely positive that he hasn’t needed to be hospitalized. And perhaps his post on this may motivate others to get vaccinated and hopefully avoid hospitalization themselves, even if they do wind up infected.

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