Your votes have been tallied and we have the Top 10 quotes from Week 2 of college football.  A new face takes our top spot while an old face cements his status as the early frontrunner to fill the big shoes of Craig James.  In the words of Matt Millen, if you're a real guy, now's the time to be it… err… whatever that means…

10) "You know what being injured does? It allows the guy to come into the game and perform" — Andre Ware (via Chris_MI)

9) "They're young, they're tender, but on the field they're sweet." – Gus Johnson comparing UCLA to baby back ribs. (via BTNBrentYarina)

8) "If you take away Robinson's 79-yd TD, Michigan is losing this game right now." – Danny Kanell, as UM up 14-10 (via Tyler_Nohe)

7) "The unknown is the biggest question." – Desmond Howard. Sensei. (via Kaneyoufeelit)

6) "An AFC/NFC doubleheader on Monday Night. There's no NFC team in there, but a doubleheader none the less." – Carter Blackburn (via bigddan11)

5) "If you're a real guy, now's the time you be it." – Matt Millen (via AA)

4) "George O'Leary, in his 9th season at Georgia Tech" – Beth Mowins during the UCF-OSU game. (via FlowyDNA)

3) "One second on the cock." – Eddie George (via ThisJus_Tin)

2) "What they need to do is do it and do it well." – Matt Millen (via panderson1988)

1) "He's (Colin Klein) a triple threat: runs, passes, and throws."- Kevin Carter (via rcoderman)

Week 2 Standings

1) Matt Millen 25 pts

2) Kevin Carter 10 pts

T3) Mark May 9 pts, Danny Kanell 9 pts, Carter Blackburn 9 pts

Others receiving votes: David Feherty 8 pts, Eddie George 8 pts, Beth Mowins 7 pts, Tom Hart 7 pts, Jesse Palmer 5 pts, Desmond Howard 4 pts, , Gary Danielson 3 pts, Brian Griese 2 pts, Gus Johnson 2 pts, Mike Morgan 1 pt, Andre Ware 1 pt.

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