We’re ready to announce the latest Pammy awards and the updated standings after Week 3 in college football.  It was an especially strong debut for CBS analyst Gary Danielson as he took the top and bottom spots in this week’s Top 10, knocking the trailblazer of the Pam Ward Chronicles from her #1 position.  Pam keeps her total ticking over with five points this week and Craig James vaults into second place with Matt Millen close behind.  The big names are certainly coming to play so far this season in the Pammies.  In a satirical quote contest, I’m not really sure what that means…  Anyways, the envelope please…

10) The ball hits off three body parts. A hand, a helmet.. well, a helmet’s not a body part.” – Gary Danielson (via CaptTouchback)

9) “You gotta hold your water.” – Jesse Palmer (via bmaze) on LSU’s defense jumping offside… or needing to pee.

8) “He (Paul Johnson) is unconventional, no, inconventional, no, deconventional in his thought process.” – Keith Jones (via sctvman)

7) “Kirk Cousins also an internet sensation now after a speech that he gave at the annual Big Ten media luncheon went viral… has over 110 hits on Youtube.” – Alex Flanagan (via Ben Koo) [VIDEO]

6) “Houston, scoring his 20th touchdown on the year, on the ground.” – Pam Ward (via MDWDFW)

5) “Tie goes to the runner.” – Matt Millen (via CK29) on an equal possession reception…it’s not baseball, everyone’s running

4) “It’s so hard to win in football.” – Tom Cole (via sctvman)

3) “Chris Berman, the best analyst in the business.” – Beth Mowins (via sctvman)

2) “If he wasn’t a quiet guy, he would be a vocal leader on this club” – Craig James (via dhh78) on Marcus Lattimore.

1) “Got his hands on a lot of balls and then a sack.” – Gary Danielson (via Ryan Scheb)

Week 3 Top 5 –

1) Pam Ward 28 pts

2) Craig James 17 pts

3) Matt Millen 14 pts

4) Beth Mowins 13 pts

5) Gary Danielson 11 pts,

Others receiving votes – T6) Artrell Hawkins 9 pts, Warrick Dunn 9 pts, Dan Hawkins 9 pts, 9) Sean McDonogh 8 pts, T10) Wendi Nix 7 pts, Steve Martin 7 pts, Tom Cole 7 pts, 13) Lou Holtz 6 pts, 14) Andre Ware 5 pts, 15) Alex Flanagan 4 pts, T16) Joe Tiller 3 pts, Keith Jones 3 pts, T18) Danny Kanell 2 pts, Jesse Palmer 2 pts, 20) Kevin Kugler 1 pt.

The Full Week 4 Announcing Schedule will be coming soon, where you can find the dates and times of games and all the announcing pairings as well.  Then, make sure you check back every Saturday for the Pam Ward Chronicles and another week of the Pammies!

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